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Thursday, 11 December 2014

3 reasons why we are the leading web development company in Dubai.

At Cosmos Creatives, we have designed a revolutionary way of approaching web design that leaves our clients satisfied every single time.

When a user visits your website, they need about 5 seconds to decide whether they are going to continue browsing your site or switch to another side. Your website is an integral part of your digital identity. In this post, we list three things that we prioritize when we design a website.

Responsive web design
If you are the owner of a website, you'd want your website to show up right on a mobile phone. And an iPad. And a Kindle. And a netbook.

Today, web designers are faced with the task of creating versions of the same website on devices with different resolutions and configurations. With the rapid evolution of technology, the numbers of versions of a website are only bound to increase.

The answer to this problem is a Responsive Web Design. By using flexible grids and layouts in web design along with intelligent CSS media queries, the website can automatically accommodate for resolution, platform and scripting abilities.

In a nutshell, responsive web design is making your website technologically advanced to automatically respond to the user's device preference.

Effective content
In the rapidly evolving web development space, balance is the key. And this balance is especially important when it comes to creating quality content.

The content should be useful for the readers. It should be unique. It should also have the relevant keywords to drive traffic to it from social media sites. The by-word to creating effective content for a site is balance.

The first step to creating effective content is to prepare a content plan before the designing starts. We help you figure out the USP of your business and how we can use that to create unique content and bring relevant traffic to your site.

Intuitive Design
Effective web design does not have to be colorful or beautiful. But it definitely has to be clear, intuitive and easily navigable.

The purpose and benefits of your business should come across clearly in the first few seconds that a user spends on your website. An intuitive design is the base for a rich user experience.

With an easily-navigable site, you can increase the amount of time users spend on your site, browsing through the pages and looking at and perusing your offerings. The more time a user spends on your website, the greater their chances of becoming a future client for you.

Our clients claim that we are Dubai's Best Web Development Company and most of our business is generated by word-of-mouth. Get in touch with us to know what we can do for your business.