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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Search Engine Optimization- Content That Gets Shared Is Content That Ranks?

Social search is evolving. Social search is not anymore just a facilitator of increased Facebook visibility but improves overall search engine optimization. For those who don’t know, what social search means, it is simply a way search engines incorporate user’s social media behavior to display relevant search results.

The more shares, the better your rank…
Being an SEO company in Dubai or anywhere means understanding the social platforms very well.
If your content is shared on social media, it means people are ‘reading’, or ‘listening’ or ‘watching’ your content and then sharing it. This leads to more traffic on the particular web page which means more number of inbound links. In this way you rank better and better with each social media share.

Important tips to optimize your content for social search
Optimize your blogs for social search. Integrate social elements or buttons to every blog such that it can be shared across various social media platforms.

Click to Tweet- Click to Tweet is an amazing free service that increases traffic to your website. Your content will contain certain important points. You can add a link after such lines to encourage readers tweet the same, linking back to your content post. It is a nice strategy that is easy yet effective to get your content viral.

Putting a face- Encourage your bloggers to link up their individual social media accounts especially their Google+ accounts. Author’s photo makes your post stand out and invite more clicks and traffic.

For instance, an online marketing company in Dubai noted that Mashable ranks first and HubSpot second in the case below. However, HubSpot’s post got more traffic due to the addition of author’s photo unlike Mashable’s text only snippet.

Monday, 9 November 2015

3 Important Reasons To Go For Pay Per Click Advertising Dubai in 2015

Pay per click advertising surely drives results for all brand types. Being said that, Pay per click advertising alludes to 4 essential reasons to choose PPC in 2015 for your brand. 

Below are 3 reasons to convey that per click advertising Dubai is a step taken in the right direction-

The advertiser needs to pay only for a click from the interested person

PPC is a straightforward process that produces straightforward outcome. So as amarketer, you know where your dollars are getting spent. Also you pay only when an interested person clicks on your ad. This saves you from the expenses splurge of traditional advertising offline, where a marketer spends huge dollars that don’t even guarantee whether your target market will engage with your ad or not.

You can tweak the budgets anytime

With Pay Per Click Advertising Dubai you don’t need to be determined of every ad budget unlike traditional advertising. In fact, PPC lets you set budgets within your reach. You can set maximum bids, thus preventing the bids to rise higher than your budget.You can change the daily spends anytime. However, it does not mean that lower budget can give you effective outcome. It largely depends on how competitive is your chosen keyword and your industry.

Reach the target consumer at the correct time with the correct ad

Do you want to reach a specific consumer at a specific time in a specific place with a specific advertisement? PPC’s location targeting and delivery options ensures your ad reaches your target consumer. It even provides device-specific options such as mobile. So communicate your messages to your target consumers at prime time on the devices they spend most of their time using pay per click advertising Dubai.

Image Source: elitewebservices.net, makemixmoneyonline.com, calibergroup.files.wordpress.com

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

3 Tips for Combining Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing

Affordable SEO Services in Dubai are ample in numbers but reliable ones are very few. Just being in the group of Affordable SEO Services in Dubai is not enough. SEO is effective when it is combined with content marketing. How do you that? By following the three tips-

1.    Set up key performance indicators

Setting up key performance indicators has been never easier thanks to evolving digital landscape. Now real-time analytics are at your fingertips. So the next time you choose to focus on “conversion rates” or “shares”, justensure that the particular criteria are measurable. Also figure out the best strategy to keep a track on what you are quantifying to measure the results.

2.    Understand your Target Group

This involves more guesswork where you need to predict (which can go wrong) your potential target group.Having said that, it does not mean you can ignore this guesswork. With little tweaks you arrive at accurate answers. So for example, ask yourself - Who are my customers? What do they have in common? It is age, location, orcorporate philosophies?

After that, visualize personas that resonate the best with your target audience. Why does a particular audience like my product or service? Can we be doing more? Can it sustain? How do I continue to satisfy current clientele while also targeting a slightly different audience?

And to improve efficiency, what audience type shows a built-in overlap (if any)?

3.    SEO-optimized content | Affordable SEO Services in Dubai

SEO-optimized content refers to ways to improve your content relevancy. This is accomplished when you incorporate high-impression relevant keywords. But remember that keyword stuffing will also degrade your website ranking!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Search Engine Optimization Ranking Trends To Define Your Brand In Near Future

This is a world where most purchase decisions are now mostly made at the tip of a swipe on a smartphone interface. Result page ranking and a customer’s preference of a website to buy or avail a product or service, go hand in hand. This alludes to 3 major SEO ranking trends that will define your brand in the coming years.

Content relevancy is predominant

Content marketing forms the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization ranking parameters. The key insight is that Google will continue to weigh the quality of content year after year. So if your search engine optimization strategy predominantly focuses on verbose content but not quality, you will lose the trust of the customers eventually.

Mentions veil link building

Gone are the days when link building used to be chief catalyst of SEO ranking. Unnatural links are no more entertained. The importance of wide range of backlinks to a page through external sources is also waning.
Mentions are growing in important compared to link building. So you mention your brand on other websites, (social media included), and you will see your ranking grow.

User experience is crucial

Google’s Mobile geddon algorithm update of April 21, 2015 gives top priority to web sites that are mobile optimized. Although the change doesn’t affect desktop or laptop searches, it makes a huge difference. For instance, 30% of top 30 sites appearing Google’s search results are mobile optimized.

Last but not the least, using black hat SEO tactics can get you temporary search results but won’t help you save a bad customer experience.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

2 Common Myths To Enhance SEO Ranking Of A Website- Busted

It is 2015 and search engine optimization continues to trouble digital marketers with Panda updates and other Penguin algorithm updates. The SEO aspect of digital marketing is an ever-changing phenomenon. But in this volatile SEO landscape, myths are always devious. We raise the veil from some of the SEO myths you need to avoid.

Stuff keywords in the title to increase ranking

Keyword stuffing has become an obsolete practice. If you still follow it, prepare to face the flak from Google. Google’s Matt Cutts had already waived a red flag in 2007 warning users against keyword stuffing to rank higher in search results. To punish those practicing this, Google continuously unleashes new algorithmic updates to penalize bad quality content.

The solution is to make your titles reader friendly. The reader should not assume that the particular article is just to promote a keyword’s significance but rather to throw light on useful information for the reader.

Avoid wasting time on inclusion of images in your content

For long time, it was believed that images don’t form an integral part to improve website ranking. However, do remember that images are viewed 10 times more than text. Therefore, images have greater appeal. So include images with proper alt tags related to your targeted keywords and see the results.

Note- Search engines can’t track images on websites. Therefore, ensure that you associate an alt text with the image to make sure that Google knows what the image is about. When you don’t include the text, you just make your page less visible to Google.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Which Is More Effective on Facebook? Native Or YouTube.

It has been seen from 2014 that there has been an increase in native video uploads on Facebook versus YouTube video embeds. Surprisingly, the latter enjoyed dominance on Facebook until early 2015. This blog throws light upon the role of Native videos on Facebook. Whether you should make it a part of your Social Media Marketing Strategy? Does Native video marketing take the pie when it comes to making the most of your video marketing efforts on Facebook? Let us know.

What does Facebook favor?

The last few months connote Facebook’s preference towards native video uploads versus third-party video embeds like YouTube.

Why you should opt for native videos on Facebook?

Facebook announced that they would limit the reach of third party images and videos like YouTube. It is perhaps in line with Facebook’s subtle yet apparent animosities towards Google.

Facebook is a social media platform which does seem to support native video uploads vs. third-party video embeds. This fact is at least true when compared to Google’s YouTube. However, it is still unknown whether Facebook actually holds a prejudice against third party videos. In any case, native videos on Facebook remain the best approach at the moment.

A study indicates that native videos provide 2 times more engagement than third party videos. Similarly, native videos give you 2.37 times more likes, 2.66 times more shares, and 7.42 times more comments.

Did you notice anything like it? Want to share something? Leave your comments below.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Best Digital Subscription Commerce Ideas

Subscription models can work well but only when you gauge its likeliness to succeed. Here are 3 best digital subscription commerce ideas to incorporate in your Digital Marketing strategies.

Idea 1: Target your group of enthusiasts

The “group of enthusiasts” is the ones who are a part of your target market demonstrating real interest in your product or service. Now imagine if you try to target without knowing your interest group or to a group who is least interested in your subscription.
Brands like Ipsy, and Wet Shave Club started with subscription ideas targeted towards their interest group. Ipsy for example started with “subscribe to our Glam Bag.”

Idea 2: The evergreen category

Evergreen sector points to the fact that your audience will at some point of time, spend money on this category regardless of anything. In simple words, they spent money even before your brand showed up; so it is apparent they will spend later too.

Driving a subscription idea towards an evergreen category is more powerful as one does not require convincing his audience about the product’s necessity in their lives. They know it! You are required to work on the fact that how to prove your subscription model is better so that they continue to spend money.

For example, Lootcrate used this idea to expand their market significantly also making it easily accessible. Other examples include Dollar Shave Club and Fixed Foods.

Idea 3: For the audience who is always looking to discover

Discovery mode refers to finding new solutions for an existing need. The classic example of a company which follows pure discovery subscription model is Birchbox. They literally send you new cosmetic samples every month. Their value proposition- “you will discover fresh cosmetics you will love.”

Friday, 15 May 2015

Are You Overlooking 66% of Your PPC Inspired Sales Through Phone?

Do you know what is hot in the search account landscape right now? Driving phone conversions with PPC. And if you’re ignoring this aspect then you’re probably overlooking 66% of potential traffic.

This blog further throws light on the subject and how you can use mobile PPC to attain greater conversions.

We are now in the digital age:

Back then phones accompanied us in everything from acquiring someone’s contact information, buying items through a phone catalogue to having them shipped to our houses.

Enter the digital age. As internet spread their webs across the world, marketers were now more interested in connecting with target audiences digitally. Today, much of the above activities I referred to are now done online.

Let’s delve into more reasons as to why Search Engine Marketing managers need to focus on the phone.

Overlooking mobile is overlooking money

Online advertising for your brand generates phone calls and offline store visits. They ultimately lead to sales. However, digital ads often lead to phone calls which are difficult to measure.

For example, let’s say that for every online sale your ad triggers, there are two sales that occur by phone. This means that approximately 66% of your online-inspired sales are overlooked by your digital marketers.

Phone Calls Convert Better Than Online Leads

The engagement through a phone call is “bottom of the funnel.” Therefore, it has greater chance to convert the lead than online proposals as you are “interacting” in an animated mode. Also a person calling you denotes that she is super interested in your product or service.

Want to share something? We are eager to hear.

Monday, 20 April 2015

What If Search Results Display Your Tweets As Well As Twitter Advertisements?

Twitter advertising may not be a novel thing but advertising on users’ profiles? Well, now we have your attention!

Promoted tweets to bring a new dimension to search engine marketing?

Twitter is testing promoted tweets on certain profile pages. What does that mean? So, if there are ads, you will find the ads after scrolling few tweets down in specially marked section, "Suggested by Twitter." This will prevent misleading the ads for something else.

For now these experimental ads can only be seen by logged in Twitter users. However, this would change once Twitter’s recent deal with Google leads to positive outcome; which is purported to take several months till it officially rolls out.

How the positive outcome of the deal can affect Search Engine Marketing?

Once the deal of Twitter and Google becomes official, people will be able to notice tweets in their Google search results. It will also be a win-win for Twitter as the same people clicking the ads will most likely visit Twitter.com; provided the user clicks on content. Once this happens people would also see promoted tweets on their user profiles.

In this way, Twitter ads will get a new avatar. This will ultimately bring a new dimension to the way ads appear on search engines.

Hence, advertising online through Twitter will become easier. And publishers and advertisers would definitely want to capitalize on this new invention.

Would like to share some thoughts? The comments section is all for you.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What Kind Of SEO Strategy Do Clients Readily Pay For?

In order to understand what kind of SEO strategy clients will readily accept, it is important to understand what factors facilitate customer’s buying decision.

When do clients say no to an SEO proposal?
The two core elements which govern buying decision of clients are the rational side and the emotional attribute of buying behavior. If any of the one is not met, clients tend to reject the proposal. Therefore, they are fundamental to establish a reliable business relationship.

Understand the thin line:
There’s a thin line which exists in between losing and winning a pitch. Therefore, your proposal must be able to display value and create a trust factor with the client.

The importance of maintaining a balance between perceived value for money and trust:

If the perceived value for money is low, even when the trust level is high, the client will most likely drop the offer.
Clients tend to say “no” when they can’t see the outcome of your SEO campaign or it does not make any sense for them. Many times, you will be told the budget is too high. However, the reality is that the budget of your proposal and the level of positive impact on the client’s business should tally. The former should not seem higher than the estimated results.

If the perceived value for money is high, but the trust level is low, they will usually delay the response, but still end up refusing.

This scenario points to the importance of trust which displays your complete acknowledgement of the client’s crucial concerns and providing a comprehensive solution.

The winner: If the trust level and the perceived value for money are both high, the client will most certainly accept the offer.
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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Does Your Social Media Strategy Consist Of A 3-Legged Design Man?

The key objective of social media marketing strategy is to boost customer engagement. This would drive traffic and greater conversions. However, how is this efficiently achieved? By designing a 3-legged design man!

What is this 3-legged design man?

The 3-legged design man is one who has 3 functionalities. It has a form, a purpose and an intention. And it looks like this- (Need to discuss the image with Kunal)
Now let’s see what each of the functionality conveys-

Doesn’t the idea stand out? Similarly you got to incorporate a sense of uniqueness to your social media proposition.

1.    Form:

Your social media post or content should have a form. This form gives your post a personality trait. For example, when you hear of Amul what comes to your mind first? The Amul girl. This is the result of Amul’s consistent social media efforts which gave birth to the Amul girl in the minds of customers. This was a hit in terms of a speedy brand recall of Amul in the minds of consumers. Also the Amul girl helped Amul to create its unique brand persona. Now you understand the importance of form? So begin with thinking of a form which would espouse visualization of your brand in the minds of people.

2.    Purpose:

This refers to the key purpose your social media post or campaign must achieve. For example, Amul always deftly nails its key purpose in the minds of customers. Whether, it is through an Utterly, Butterly, Delicious campaign or kicks and licks one, what we absolutely get is that Amul’s products are indeed delicious!

Have a look at some examples below:

This is great example of utilizing current events to a brand’s advantage. Upon the release of movie, The Lunch Box in 2013, Amul came up with this brilliant campaign. It simply indicates that Amul’s products make delicious items to carry in your lunch box!(Dabba-ly delicoius). Also note that how skillfully, Amul incorporated the Film’s persona in its campaign to position its own brand!

Amul adopts similar dexterous approaches in all its campaigns like-

What a great way to let people forget the pricy onion and relish the tasty Amul!

3.    Intention:

Last but not the least; your intention must be clear. Is it to tell people about how delicious your brand tastes or is it to give a subtle message? Or both? (Something which Amul has been doing skillfully!)

Do you have any unusual social media hacks to share? Share them in the comments below. Also we will help you carry out your entire social media marketing operations.

Friday, 30 January 2015

The Key Aspects Of Successful Social Media Campaign: Revealed!

When you’re stressed what do you do? Most people just take a walk and look up in the sky. And then their lives have a new perspective. The same should be the outcome of your social media campaign. It should help people to quickly realize what solution it will provide for a specific problem/s.

And how you do that? You will know as you read this blog.

First let’s understand what should be the objective of your social media campaign.

Get the audience interested:

What do you think makes a person like a brand? It’s the attribute.

You must be able to lure customers through your campaign. And this happens when the audience gets engaged towards your brand’s attributes. When you’re able to target their “interest points”, more and more like-minded people will get engaged. This happens as more and more people start talking about your brand. As a result you will get more traffic and engagement in the form of shares, comments and likes on the respective social media pages.

So True:

Pro-tip: Your social media campaign must be able to empathize with your target audience. To empathize means to actually put yourself in other’s shoes and experience his underlying feelings. However, remember that audience will respond only when your empathy appears genuine. And then it will promote advocacy.

So how to achieve that?

You just need to hit the following 3 emotions of your target audience:

1.    Do I find it familiar?  

The social media campaign must be able to portray certain familiarity between the audience and the brand. Otherwise they will just ignore you!

For instance, Old Spice first used to show their products as fragrances for women. Later their target audience was men. For that they “started the Old Spice Man” campaigns. The tagline was “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” It reflected the interests of the target audience very well making the brand familiar and something to rely on.

The campaign targeted female viewers, despite the product's target market being male. This is because the company believed that women are the decision makers even for buying hygiene products for their male counterparts. And it received an overwhelming response as we all know!

2.    Does your campaign consider the perception of your target audience?

Are your customer’s views considered and appreciated? This plays a major role in developing a trust factor between you and your audience.

3.    Does your campaign convey your brand’s unique appeal?

The person will buy your product when you give him a strong reason through your social media campaign. This is achieved through brand differentiation.

For example, Apple products claim to give the buyer a sense of power and prestige. The power resembles the product’s top-class technology and prestige through its appearance. (the edges being circular give a unique appearance unlike other products which are too technical or too linear.)

Bonus Tip:

This one line summarizes your social media marketing goal, “My social media campaign must give my customers little surprises that lead them to make discoveries about their own latent desires!"

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