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Friday, 30 January 2015

The Key Aspects Of Successful Social Media Campaign: Revealed!

When you’re stressed what do you do? Most people just take a walk and look up in the sky. And then their lives have a new perspective. The same should be the outcome of your social media campaign. It should help people to quickly realize what solution it will provide for a specific problem/s.

And how you do that? You will know as you read this blog.

First let’s understand what should be the objective of your social media campaign.

Get the audience interested:

What do you think makes a person like a brand? It’s the attribute.

You must be able to lure customers through your campaign. And this happens when the audience gets engaged towards your brand’s attributes. When you’re able to target their “interest points”, more and more like-minded people will get engaged. This happens as more and more people start talking about your brand. As a result you will get more traffic and engagement in the form of shares, comments and likes on the respective social media pages.

So True:

Pro-tip: Your social media campaign must be able to empathize with your target audience. To empathize means to actually put yourself in other’s shoes and experience his underlying feelings. However, remember that audience will respond only when your empathy appears genuine. And then it will promote advocacy.

So how to achieve that?

You just need to hit the following 3 emotions of your target audience:

1.    Do I find it familiar?  

The social media campaign must be able to portray certain familiarity between the audience and the brand. Otherwise they will just ignore you!

For instance, Old Spice first used to show their products as fragrances for women. Later their target audience was men. For that they “started the Old Spice Man” campaigns. The tagline was “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” It reflected the interests of the target audience very well making the brand familiar and something to rely on.

The campaign targeted female viewers, despite the product's target market being male. This is because the company believed that women are the decision makers even for buying hygiene products for their male counterparts. And it received an overwhelming response as we all know!

2.    Does your campaign consider the perception of your target audience?

Are your customer’s views considered and appreciated? This plays a major role in developing a trust factor between you and your audience.

3.    Does your campaign convey your brand’s unique appeal?

The person will buy your product when you give him a strong reason through your social media campaign. This is achieved through brand differentiation.

For example, Apple products claim to give the buyer a sense of power and prestige. The power resembles the product’s top-class technology and prestige through its appearance. (the edges being circular give a unique appearance unlike other products which are too technical or too linear.)

Bonus Tip:

This one line summarizes your social media marketing goal, “My social media campaign must give my customers little surprises that lead them to make discoveries about their own latent desires!"

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