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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Does Your Social Media Strategy Consist Of A 3-Legged Design Man?

The key objective of social media marketing strategy is to boost customer engagement. This would drive traffic and greater conversions. However, how is this efficiently achieved? By designing a 3-legged design man!

What is this 3-legged design man?

The 3-legged design man is one who has 3 functionalities. It has a form, a purpose and an intention. And it looks like this- (Need to discuss the image with Kunal)
Now let’s see what each of the functionality conveys-

Doesn’t the idea stand out? Similarly you got to incorporate a sense of uniqueness to your social media proposition.

1.    Form:

Your social media post or content should have a form. This form gives your post a personality trait. For example, when you hear of Amul what comes to your mind first? The Amul girl. This is the result of Amul’s consistent social media efforts which gave birth to the Amul girl in the minds of customers. This was a hit in terms of a speedy brand recall of Amul in the minds of consumers. Also the Amul girl helped Amul to create its unique brand persona. Now you understand the importance of form? So begin with thinking of a form which would espouse visualization of your brand in the minds of people.

2.    Purpose:

This refers to the key purpose your social media post or campaign must achieve. For example, Amul always deftly nails its key purpose in the minds of customers. Whether, it is through an Utterly, Butterly, Delicious campaign or kicks and licks one, what we absolutely get is that Amul’s products are indeed delicious!

Have a look at some examples below:

This is great example of utilizing current events to a brand’s advantage. Upon the release of movie, The Lunch Box in 2013, Amul came up with this brilliant campaign. It simply indicates that Amul’s products make delicious items to carry in your lunch box!(Dabba-ly delicoius). Also note that how skillfully, Amul incorporated the Film’s persona in its campaign to position its own brand!

Amul adopts similar dexterous approaches in all its campaigns like-

What a great way to let people forget the pricy onion and relish the tasty Amul!

3.    Intention:

Last but not the least; your intention must be clear. Is it to tell people about how delicious your brand tastes or is it to give a subtle message? Or both? (Something which Amul has been doing skillfully!)

Do you have any unusual social media hacks to share? Share them in the comments below. Also we will help you carry out your entire social media marketing operations.


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