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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What Kind Of SEO Strategy Do Clients Readily Pay For?

In order to understand what kind of SEO strategy clients will readily accept, it is important to understand what factors facilitate customer’s buying decision.

When do clients say no to an SEO proposal?
The two core elements which govern buying decision of clients are the rational side and the emotional attribute of buying behavior. If any of the one is not met, clients tend to reject the proposal. Therefore, they are fundamental to establish a reliable business relationship.

Understand the thin line:
There’s a thin line which exists in between losing and winning a pitch. Therefore, your proposal must be able to display value and create a trust factor with the client.

The importance of maintaining a balance between perceived value for money and trust:

If the perceived value for money is low, even when the trust level is high, the client will most likely drop the offer.
Clients tend to say “no” when they can’t see the outcome of your SEO campaign or it does not make any sense for them. Many times, you will be told the budget is too high. However, the reality is that the budget of your proposal and the level of positive impact on the client’s business should tally. The former should not seem higher than the estimated results.

If the perceived value for money is high, but the trust level is low, they will usually delay the response, but still end up refusing.

This scenario points to the importance of trust which displays your complete acknowledgement of the client’s crucial concerns and providing a comprehensive solution.

The winner: If the trust level and the perceived value for money are both high, the client will most certainly accept the offer.
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