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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Best Digital Subscription Commerce Ideas

Subscription models can work well but only when you gauge its likeliness to succeed. Here are 3 best digital subscription commerce ideas to incorporate in your Digital Marketing strategies.

Idea 1: Target your group of enthusiasts

The “group of enthusiasts” is the ones who are a part of your target market demonstrating real interest in your product or service. Now imagine if you try to target without knowing your interest group or to a group who is least interested in your subscription.
Brands like Ipsy, and Wet Shave Club started with subscription ideas targeted towards their interest group. Ipsy for example started with “subscribe to our Glam Bag.”

Idea 2: The evergreen category

Evergreen sector points to the fact that your audience will at some point of time, spend money on this category regardless of anything. In simple words, they spent money even before your brand showed up; so it is apparent they will spend later too.

Driving a subscription idea towards an evergreen category is more powerful as one does not require convincing his audience about the product’s necessity in their lives. They know it! You are required to work on the fact that how to prove your subscription model is better so that they continue to spend money.

For example, Lootcrate used this idea to expand their market significantly also making it easily accessible. Other examples include Dollar Shave Club and Fixed Foods.

Idea 3: For the audience who is always looking to discover

Discovery mode refers to finding new solutions for an existing need. The classic example of a company which follows pure discovery subscription model is Birchbox. They literally send you new cosmetic samples every month. Their value proposition- “you will discover fresh cosmetics you will love.”