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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Which Is More Effective on Facebook? Native Or YouTube.

It has been seen from 2014 that there has been an increase in native video uploads on Facebook versus YouTube video embeds. Surprisingly, the latter enjoyed dominance on Facebook until early 2015. This blog throws light upon the role of Native videos on Facebook. Whether you should make it a part of your Social Media Marketing Strategy? Does Native video marketing take the pie when it comes to making the most of your video marketing efforts on Facebook? Let us know.

What does Facebook favor?

The last few months connote Facebook’s preference towards native video uploads versus third-party video embeds like YouTube.

Why you should opt for native videos on Facebook?

Facebook announced that they would limit the reach of third party images and videos like YouTube. It is perhaps in line with Facebook’s subtle yet apparent animosities towards Google.

Facebook is a social media platform which does seem to support native video uploads vs. third-party video embeds. This fact is at least true when compared to Google’s YouTube. However, it is still unknown whether Facebook actually holds a prejudice against third party videos. In any case, native videos on Facebook remain the best approach at the moment.

A study indicates that native videos provide 2 times more engagement than third party videos. Similarly, native videos give you 2.37 times more likes, 2.66 times more shares, and 7.42 times more comments.

Did you notice anything like it? Want to share something? Leave your comments below.


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