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Thursday, 20 August 2015

2 Common Myths To Enhance SEO Ranking Of A Website- Busted

It is 2015 and search engine optimization continues to trouble digital marketers with Panda updates and other Penguin algorithm updates. The SEO aspect of digital marketing is an ever-changing phenomenon. But in this volatile SEO landscape, myths are always devious. We raise the veil from some of the SEO myths you need to avoid.

Stuff keywords in the title to increase ranking

Keyword stuffing has become an obsolete practice. If you still follow it, prepare to face the flak from Google. Google’s Matt Cutts had already waived a red flag in 2007 warning users against keyword stuffing to rank higher in search results. To punish those practicing this, Google continuously unleashes new algorithmic updates to penalize bad quality content.

The solution is to make your titles reader friendly. The reader should not assume that the particular article is just to promote a keyword’s significance but rather to throw light on useful information for the reader.

Avoid wasting time on inclusion of images in your content

For long time, it was believed that images don’t form an integral part to improve website ranking. However, do remember that images are viewed 10 times more than text. Therefore, images have greater appeal. So include images with proper alt tags related to your targeted keywords and see the results.

Note- Search engines can’t track images on websites. Therefore, ensure that you associate an alt text with the image to make sure that Google knows what the image is about. When you don’t include the text, you just make your page less visible to Google.

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