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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Search Engine Optimization Ranking Trends To Define Your Brand In Near Future

This is a world where most purchase decisions are now mostly made at the tip of a swipe on a smartphone interface. Result page ranking and a customer’s preference of a website to buy or avail a product or service, go hand in hand. This alludes to 3 major SEO ranking trends that will define your brand in the coming years.

Content relevancy is predominant

Content marketing forms the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization ranking parameters. The key insight is that Google will continue to weigh the quality of content year after year. So if your search engine optimization strategy predominantly focuses on verbose content but not quality, you will lose the trust of the customers eventually.

Mentions veil link building

Gone are the days when link building used to be chief catalyst of SEO ranking. Unnatural links are no more entertained. The importance of wide range of backlinks to a page through external sources is also waning.
Mentions are growing in important compared to link building. So you mention your brand on other websites, (social media included), and you will see your ranking grow.

User experience is crucial

Google’s Mobile geddon algorithm update of April 21, 2015 gives top priority to web sites that are mobile optimized. Although the change doesn’t affect desktop or laptop searches, it makes a huge difference. For instance, 30% of top 30 sites appearing Google’s search results are mobile optimized.

Last but not the least, using black hat SEO tactics can get you temporary search results but won’t help you save a bad customer experience.