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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

3 Tips for Combining Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing

Affordable SEO Services in Dubai are ample in numbers but reliable ones are very few. Just being in the group of Affordable SEO Services in Dubai is not enough. SEO is effective when it is combined with content marketing. How do you that? By following the three tips-

1.    Set up key performance indicators

Setting up key performance indicators has been never easier thanks to evolving digital landscape. Now real-time analytics are at your fingertips. So the next time you choose to focus on “conversion rates” or “shares”, justensure that the particular criteria are measurable. Also figure out the best strategy to keep a track on what you are quantifying to measure the results.

2.    Understand your Target Group

This involves more guesswork where you need to predict (which can go wrong) your potential target group.Having said that, it does not mean you can ignore this guesswork. With little tweaks you arrive at accurate answers. So for example, ask yourself - Who are my customers? What do they have in common? It is age, location, orcorporate philosophies?

After that, visualize personas that resonate the best with your target audience. Why does a particular audience like my product or service? Can we be doing more? Can it sustain? How do I continue to satisfy current clientele while also targeting a slightly different audience?

And to improve efficiency, what audience type shows a built-in overlap (if any)?

3.    SEO-optimized content | Affordable SEO Services in Dubai

SEO-optimized content refers to ways to improve your content relevancy. This is accomplished when you incorporate high-impression relevant keywords. But remember that keyword stuffing will also degrade your website ranking!