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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Search Engine Optimization- Content That Gets Shared Is Content That Ranks?

Social search is evolving. Social search is not anymore just a facilitator of increased Facebook visibility but improves overall search engine optimization. For those who don’t know, what social search means, it is simply a way search engines incorporate user’s social media behavior to display relevant search results.

The more shares, the better your rank…
Being an SEO company in Dubai or anywhere means understanding the social platforms very well.
If your content is shared on social media, it means people are ‘reading’, or ‘listening’ or ‘watching’ your content and then sharing it. This leads to more traffic on the particular web page which means more number of inbound links. In this way you rank better and better with each social media share.

Important tips to optimize your content for social search
Optimize your blogs for social search. Integrate social elements or buttons to every blog such that it can be shared across various social media platforms.

Click to Tweet- Click to Tweet is an amazing free service that increases traffic to your website. Your content will contain certain important points. You can add a link after such lines to encourage readers tweet the same, linking back to your content post. It is a nice strategy that is easy yet effective to get your content viral.

Putting a face- Encourage your bloggers to link up their individual social media accounts especially their Google+ accounts. Author’s photo makes your post stand out and invite more clicks and traffic.

For instance, an online marketing company in Dubai noted that Mashable ranks first and HubSpot second in the case below. However, HubSpot’s post got more traffic due to the addition of author’s photo unlike Mashable’s text only snippet.